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A whole new way to build
speed and accuracy in
realtime translation.

by Teresa R. Gaudet,
Fast, accurate realtime translation is the heart of any successful steno-writing career. In the past you had to collect tapes, use metronomes, invest in expensive variable tape players, make up dictionary lists and try to keep track of your progress. All the while you had to guess what speed you could cleanly write any particular type of practice material before you purchased it. Then, when you bought the tape at that speed and mastered it, you had to go buy another tape to go on to the next speed level!

PERFORMANCE ACCELERATORS make that frustrating, complicated and expensive approach obsolete. With your very first Accelerator from this incredible new speedbuilding toolkit, you can toss your tape players, metronomes and frustration into the round file!

PERFORMANCE ACCELERATOR includes 30 to 60 segments of originally-developed practice material, each of which you can practice at up to 10 different speed levels. Individual segments can also be paired with subsequent segments to form power drills that build stamina. For the first time, you can speed up and slow down as you need to and use the same materials with increasing degrees of challenge as you build your writing speed, accuracy and endurance.

PERFORMANCE ACCELERATOR includes "Dictionary Dazzle Drills" that do more than just enhance your steno dictionaries. These specialized drills also help you build experience writing critical proper nouns, word combinations and phrases specific to the type of material you are practicing.

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PERFORMANCE ACCELERATOR also includes its own online resource site. In the site, you will find journaling materials, tips and tricks for best practice, links, and additional resources to help you build speed and accuracy even faster. If you have purchased a volume approved for CEUs by the NCRA, the online resource site will also contain your testing and application materials. You will have unlimited access to the online resource site. (Access time is unlimited to the initial purchaser and is non-transferable).

PERFORMANCE ACCELERATOR also contains your secure practice CD. With high-quality, original material on each CD dictated at multiple speeds, you will find it a practice tool you can come back to for years to come.

Several PERFORMANCE ACCELERATORS have been approved by the NCRA for CEUs. To apply for CEUs, users should download the CEU application found within the course and submit it with the appropriate CEU application fee and proof of satisfactory completion directly to NCRA at the address provided on the application form. You are permitted to download one application per access period. Downloading additional applications may result in your credit card being charged one additional course fee for each additional application you download.

Registration requirements and licensing restrictions
All CDs in the SpeedStart Series are protected from unauthorized reproduction and installation by "1-1-1 Security: 1 License; 1 Computer; 1 User." Each CD in each purchased volume may be licensed to only one user for installation on one computer. An Internet connection on the computer on which you plan to use your CD is required to unlock the data on the CD and to access the online resource site. Once registered, the CD can be used offline but the license cannot be transferred, nor can the CD be reinstalled. Access time to the CD and online materials is unlimited to the initial purchaser and is non-transferable.

Please note: Performance Accelerators are not refundable once the CD package has been opened or user ID and password have been entered into the login page. User IDs and/or passwords may not be shared with other users.

The PERFORMANCE ACCELERATOR Series is the intellectual property of Teresa R. Gaudet. Copyrighted materials used in the PERFORMANCE ACCELERATOR dictation are the intellectual property of the authors of such dictation and/or Stenograph, L.L.C., as applicable. No part of the PERFORMANCE ACCELERATOR Series materials, CDs or online resource sites may be copied, distributed, replicated, or transmitted via electronic or other means without the express prior written permission of Teresa R. Gaudet, Stenograph, L.L.C. and other parties, as applicable. All rights reserved.

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